• Jackpots of up to £10 million
  • Flexible and scalable jackpots for any sports event
  • Player acquisition and retention through free to bet jackpot games
  • Increased player LTV with opportunity to cross-and up-sell
  • Eye-catching promotions
  • Flexible contract solutions in terms of gaming licences and insurance policy

A classic acquisition and retention tool which can be used for any sport event globally

Sports Betting is still the most popular product amongst all online gambling applications with 57% of players playing 2-3 times a month and more (17% playing 2-3 a week). Overall the Sports Betting sector has grown by 68.4% from 2015 to 2018 in the UK alone whereas overall gambling activity has shrunk by 7.8% in the same period according to the UK Gambling Commission.

A Sports predictor game which in its most basic form is a prediction on an outcome of a sports event or an event occurring within a game of sports. RISQ provides operators with sports predictor insurance, that insures any outcome on most sports events at a low cost per entry.

With RISQ’s iGaming insurance Platform, free to play sports predictor games can be used to acquire new players and increase play of existing players. These marketing campaigns are effective acquisition and retention tools especially around big tournaments like the Football World Cup and SuperBowl.

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