• Pre-seeded Jackpots up to £25m
  • Increased plays of your priority content
  • High player acquisition and retention through scalable jackpots
  • No player liquidity needed
  • Flexible contract solutions

Offer pre-seeded jackpots on your gaming content

As a content developer, you might ask yourself what gives your proprietary game or platform a cutting edge over your competitors’.

In a “players market” full of attractive games, jackpots help to increase engagement with existing as well as new players. If you are looking at high value prizes for your online lottery, scratch cards, casino, sports predictor, or fantasy games content, RISQ offers jackpots across all applications. RISQ’s jackpot insurance turns your gaming and platform content into an attractive proposition to operators without making a dent on your or the operators’ balance sheet in case of a pay-out.

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