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FOOTBALL CLUB FINANCE – The Challenge for Control

Football clubs face increasing complexity in managing their finances across the season, given contractual contingencies within player, commercial and contracts, and the continual impact of team performance.

And this complexity makes it difficult to:

  •      Manage cash flow, including contract administration
  •      Plan, report & analyse accurately
  •      Track the real-time impact of performance


How we do it: 3 key steps to control

At SportsRISQ we believe that increased control is achievable – so much so that we’ve built a business intelligence tool specifically for football clubs to prove the point. The RISQ Performance Dashboard is specifically designed to enable clubs to track, analyse and control club finances across the season, by:

  1.   Understanding the underlying data
  2.   Tracking and managing the affected key variables
  3.   Creating a platform for informed decision making


The RISQ Performance Dashboard includes 3 key modules:

  1.   Football Forecast

Our proven prediction model delivers accurate forecasting, tracking current points progression versus projected targets for the season e.g. league win/automatic promotion/playoffs/relegation safety/European qualification etc.

  1.   Contract Management

Our comprehensive payment system tracks & alerts all player and management fixed and variable costs and revenues – through combining club contractual data with our predictive model, and live data feeds from the world of football.

  1.   Contingent Summary

Covering all areas of club business where performance impacts on profit/loss, we put a present value on all contingent variables, then anticipate and alert the club to monetise opportunities or mitigate risk.

The RISQ Performance Dashboard is a flexible, modular tool allowing for a bespoke build based on club requirements. Our starting Dashboard includes Football Forecasting, Contract Management and Contingent Summary, and is available at a fixed monthly fee with additional fees applying for bespoke requirements – e.g. extra modules, visualisations or user profiles.

Simple, Fast & Easy Process:

We pride ourselves in a club engagement process that can take a small matter of hours:

  1. Secure contract upload – we don’t ask the club to input or build – just upload contracts to a secure server
  2. SportsRISQ Dashboard build – we input all relevant clauses from contracts submitted
  3. Draft presentation & feedback – including the opportunity to create a Dashboard customised for your club




We use our unique position within the insurance and financial markets to finds solutions to monetise or mitigate risk.

  • Using RISQ predictive analytics to define the probability, we can attach a present value to any variable based on what the markets will pay, or what insurance will cost.
  • We work with clubs across Europe to monetise their contingent receivables, or protect their contingent payables.

We are happy to discuss any type of risk you would like to monetise or mitigate.

Typically what clubs are able to secure depends on regulation, which differs league by league.

For more information or to request a demonstration, please contact Max Hamilton:

email: or call: +44 20 7151 4800